Saturday, June 25, 2016

Weekly Recap #4

The three youngest children started school this week! I know, I know, it's only June! But, my kids thrive on a routine, and they were anxious to get started. New school books can do that you...

Mercie is in 3rd grade this year! She has started all of her subjects except WriteShop Primary C and Rosetta Stone Spanish. This is what she did this week:
  • The first five lessons in her math book {reviewing addition and subtraction facts}
  • Week 5 in Learning Language Through Literature Arts {she learned about phone book listings this week and reviewed the spelling words and rules from the prior weeks}
  • Typing Instructor {she is moving along quickly}
  • Read books from the library and did a few pages in her Reading Journal
  • Completed science and history with Silas {more on that below}

Silas is a first grader this year! He has not picked up Foundations A {Logic of English} yet. He has started using an online program called Reading Eggs, and he is thriving on it! Here is what he did this week:
  • The first 6 lessons on Reading Eggs and some of the accompanying worksheets {the letters s, t, m, b, I, and a}
  • Reading the words cat, bat, sat, mat, sit, bit, and it
  • The first five lessons in his math book {reviewing the numbers 1-7 and working on number words}
  • Penmanship from Laurelwood Books
  • Several pages in Finding the Answers {a workbook by Rod and Staff}
  • Competed science and history with Mercie {more on that below}

Mercie and Silas are using the Story of the World Volume 1 for history. We read the Introduction and Chapter 1 this week, along with the book "Archaeologists Dig For Clues". We talked about the first nomads and how they turned into farmers. The kids painted a cave painting on a crumpled paper bag, found Jericho, the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, and the Fertile Cresent on a map, and colored a picture of a shaduf, the first "farming machine".

They are using Winter Promise's "The World Around Me" for science. This week, we read about what science is and how it's used. We read about people and places around the world, and they made a nature observation drawing in their science notebook. We also did a simple experiment showing how salt water makes things float by adding 10 TBS of salt to a cup of water and leaving one cup with plain water. We dropped an egg into each cup, and watched the egg in the salt water float while the egg in the plain water sunk to the bottom.

Titus is officially doing preschool work this year! We started a letter-of-the-week type curriculum that I wrote myself. We are working on recognition, not sounds yet. Here is what he completed this week:
  • He made apple prints on a letter A
  • He used pattern blocks to make the A and a on a pattern block card
  • He used Cuisenaire rods to make the A and pictures
  • He stamped A's on a sheet of cardstock {using paint, because I forgot to pack my ink pads}
  • He played "Where's the A?" with letter tiles
  • He made an A collage with stickers
  • We read books on apples
  • He made a torn paper apple mosaic {I love those!}
  • He made patterns with and counted some colored apples
  • He rolled a die and added apple seeds {raisins} to an apple core printout
  • He completed several pages in "Adventures with Books" and "Counting With Numbers" {workbooks from Rod and Staff}

All three of the kids had swimming lessons this week, and they will have another session next week. Mercie is doing so well, they are moving her up to Level 2 instead of Beginner. She loves it!

Silas turned 6 on Tuesday, and we celebrated by going out for ice cream and lunch! We are having his party here tomorrow.

Eli's birthday is today! He is with my parents, and won't be here until next weekend. It's the only time I haven't been with him on his birthday! He is 11 today.

How was your week?

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