Saturday, June 18, 2016

Six Pix Saturday

I thought it would be fun to have a Six Pix Saturday! I'll post six pictures from the week with a short caption. Anyone care to join me? I could make it a linky party!

This isn't from this week, so I'm cheating a little, but I wanted to post this picture of Mikaela and her {not-boyfriend} friend Aaron before they went to the Junior High Dance! They are really good friends, and I'm glad they can go do things together and have a good time! They go to movies and out to eat with a big group of their friends and Aaron's mom quite often when we're home!

Titus has had such a good time at the playground area of this park. He loves to cheese it up for the camera! Such a cutie!

Our camper had a blow-out on the way up here, and it busted the water line! Rod had to fix it the day after we got here, and Silas was helping by holding a flashlight for Rod. Such a sweet helper. He and Titus both love to be with Rod, doing anything!

Mikaela and Eli are headed to camp this morning! My mom and dad are going to be counselors there, and {pictured here} two of their good friends from Nicaragua flew in the States to spend some time with them. They are going to do the music at the camp next week! I love this picture!

I took this on the trip up here. We stopped at a gas station that had this dinosaur sitting by the road, so of course the little boys wanted a picture with it! I saw a few more gas stations with this same dinosaur later on, so I'm guessing it's their logo or something!

Titus and Mercie sitting on the couch, waiting for me to get ready to go to the library! Notice the shorts and boots....yeah.
{These are all pictures from my phone, which is why they are long and skinny!}


  1. I'm glad that you are all safe with a tire blow out. I hope that you enjoy your home away from home.

    1. Thank you!! We are enjoying it up here!