Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weekly Recap #2

This was another super busy week that flew by! We are leaving in the morning, headed to North Dakota! Here is how we spent our week:

  • Eli and Silas received their new belts at karate. Eli is now an orange belt, and Silas is a yellow belt. I'm very proud of how quickly they have ranked up! The Sensei is very understanding of our traveling and doesn't give us any trouble with popping in and out of karate lessons. Eli does practice when we are not at home, and we look for karate dojos wherever we go. We have yet to find an Isshynru karate dojo near us, but the boys can watch YouTube videos, practice their basics and their katas.

  • I power-washed our travel trailer this week, and Eli helped me some. It's not an easy thing to do, but it was kind of fun! Plus, it was totally necessary!

  • Titus, Eli and Mercie got haircuts this week. Rod's aunt is a hair stylist, and she makes house calls for us! That makes things so  nice! Mercie cut her hair shoulder-length, like we do every summer. It is so much easier to brush and wash!
I took this picture on Sunday before church. What a beautiful family I am blessed with.

  • We loaded up the camper, cleaned our yard and house, and got our vehicles cleaned and ready for the 1200+ mile trip! Both of our vehicles had to make a trip to the dealerships for warranty work, and my vehicle got new tires!
  • Our kittens are growing, and we've been trying to find homes for them with no luck. Rod's grandmother lives right down the road, and she feeds our cats while we are away. We've never had kittens that we've left before, though. We plan to take Jasmine, the calico kitten, with us. She's so sweet and loves to be held like a baby!

  • I've been trying to get a few reviews for the Crew written and ready to post. I have one due Monday, and another due Tuesday. With us traveling, I want to have them ready to post and link up!
  • Mikaela went to a Mississippi Braves baseball game with the youth group - her first minor-league baseball game!
  • Eli had his best friend, Drake, over for a sleepover this week. Having an extra pre-teen boy in the house is interesting!
  • I asked them to smile...this is what I got! This is also a phone picture, so that's why the quality is not so great.

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  1. Let the adventure begin! Lovely family picture and so nice that you have a hair stylist come to you :)