Friday, November 20, 2015

Week in Review: November 16-20, 2015

This was our 17th week of school {how is that  possible?}, and we are enjoying it more and more as time goes on! Delight-directed homeschool is working for us right now, so we are going to continue!

Silas - Kindergarten
Silas started learning his lowercase letters this week in All About Reading. We worked on the a, b, c, and d. He is having great difficulty distinguish the b and d, so I am finding some letter reversal activities to incorporate into our day!

In math, we are practicing adding and subtracting one or two more or less.

He worked on handwriting and is getting a little steadier with the pencil. He enjoys cutting and gluing in his Finding the Answers workbook.

He started using gel pens in his Fun-Schooling journal! He likes the Thinking Skills {or Logic} pages and Coloring Time pages the best!

We read books on fire-trucks, Thanksgiving, November, snowmen, and bull-dozers this week!

He made this Thankful poster by cutting and gluing pictures from magazines.

Mercie - 2nd grade

Mercie continued practicing multiplying and dividing by 2's and 3's this week.

She reviewed the types of sentences in grammar and practiced the correct punctuation.

She is moving right along in Cheerful Cursive, although she has some difficulty remembering how to form a few of the letters.

She read books about Sachajawea, Lewis and Clark, bugs, polar bears, and Venus this week. I am so thrilled with the information she is retaining! So much more than she was before we started these journals. She watched a video on how to pet a bird. Now she wants a parrot! Here are a few pages she completed in her journal this week.

Eli - 5th grade

Eli worked on bar graphs and line graphs this week in math. He also learned how to find the mean of a group of numbers. {He said, 'This is like finding the batting average of a player!}

He has great difficulty with grammar - we worked on finding the simple subjects and predicates, direct and indirect objects, prepositions, and predicate nouns and adjectives.

He read books this week about Benjamin Franklin, birds, baseball heroes, and biographies of Roberto Clemente and Bo Jackson. {Yes, I think those are educational! You learn more when you are interested in a subject, and he loves reading about the great baseball players!}He watched vidoes on how to win a toy from a claw machine and how to draw a baseball player. Here are a few pages of his journal.

Mikaela - 7th grade

Mikaela worked on Khan Academy every day this week on geometry and pre-algebra. She also worked on gerunds this week in Easy Grammar, as well as some review.

She read books on Clara Barton, the Republican party, horses, Greek mythology, calligraphy and voting. She watched a tutorial on how to French braid hair and how to write the alphabet with calligraphy. Here are few pages of her journal.

In other news...We had a trip to the doctor this week, with X-rays for my little Titus-man. He fell on hand Tuesday night, and it was swollen Wednesday morning. I was afraid of a fracture. As of now, we still haven't got the results {they send them off!}, but he has been using it more and more today.

I also took some pictures of the kids this week. I had a few turn out really well, and I will probably use a few of them for Christmas cards.

I have been making Christmas wish-lists for the kids. I am buying them 3 gifts this year, plus one from Santa. It is tough to narrow it down! I know the 3 youngest are getting Magformers! Board games are also high on my list. Paw Patrol is what Silas keeps asking for! Mikaela's birthday is Monday, and she will be 13! She hopes we will be on our way home then, but it is looking more like Wednesday or Thursday before we leave. {Yes, Thanksgiving!}

Also, I held my first give away this week! Such fun! I am having two more next week, so come back by and enter!!


  1. Looks like another fun and amazing week!

    We use to do the three gifts per child and one from Santa too.

    Oh, wow, a thirteen year old!!! Your first teen. How exciting!

    1. My first teen - exciting and SCARY! :-)

  2. Great week. I hope your son's hand is okay.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. The x-rays came back fine - no fractures or breaks, Praise the Lord! He still can't grip anything very tight, so we are thinking torn ligaments. Thanks for your concern!

    2. That's a relief. It's never easy keeping littles down even when they are hurt.

  3. Sweet learning pages! I love the cute hand drawn creations. Praying for your little ones hand...ouch.

    Blessings on your Thanksgiving week!

    1. The drawings are my favorite part of the journals. They are going to be such a nice keepsake.

  4. Looks like it was a fun learning week! It does seem time is going by fast this year; we're heading into our 14th week of homeschool for the year. Thanks for sharing your week!

    1. Thank you! We have had so much fun these past few weeks using these journals.