Monday, November 16, 2015

C is for CONTEST and Review of Ages 3-7 Fun Schooling Journal {ended}



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We were blessed to be given the opportunity to review these gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Homeschool Journals by Sarah Janisse Brown. She sent one for each of my children to use and review, and we are all loving them so much. This is a review of the "Ages 3-7 Fun Schooling Journal", used by my 5 year old, Silas.

This is a gorgeous book, and although it is smaller than the other journals we received, it is also priced nicely at around $22 on Amazon. The pages aren't numbered, but I counted around 100. Some of the pages included in this journal are:
  • Book Time
  • Thinking Time
  • Reading Time
  • Nature Study
  • Coloring Time
  • Movie Time
  • Math Time
  • Drawing Time
  • Letter Time
  • Writing Time
A sample of some of the pages:

Silas is using about 2 or 3 pages a day in this journal. He is also using All About Reading pre-reading and Essential Math for Kindergarten, along with handwriting and fine motor skills workbooks.

I try to find several science or history books on his level for the Reading Time. I will read him a book, or part of a book, and he will draw a picture to go along with it. For Nature Study, I have him get something from outside {a rock, a flower, a leaf} or look in an animal book to draw a picture. The Thinking Time pages are great for logic and thinking skills. They challenge him without frustrating him. He loves to color, so the Coloring Time pages are perfect for him. He has not mastered writing letters yet, and he is not writing words or sentences {beyond his name}, so the Writing Time {which is copy work} doesn't work for him. I tried having him copy a short sentence, but he is not ready. I will have him write his name or write letters on those pages for now. The Movie Time pages are his favorite! I usually find a Sesame Street video or science experiments for him to watch on You Tube, and sometimes we will repeat the experiment. On the Math Time pages, there is room to write numbers, math problems, or draw something.

Here is a sample of some pages Silas has completed:


This journal says ages 3-7, but I think your preschool age child would have to be writing or drawing at a Kindergarten level or above to get the full benefits of this book; otherwise, you will have a really expensive coloring book. I think this journal is perfect for ages 5-7! It makes a wonderful addition to our school days, and I can't wait until Silas is old enough to use the Do-It-Yourself Homeschool Journals.

I would recommend this journal for any Kindergarten to 2nd grade child as a supplement to their homeschool curriculum!

Now, for the giveaway! Sarah blessed me with several awesome books to give away to one of my readers! In this give away {there will be another in a few weeks!}, I am including the Big Sister, Little Sister coloring book; the Kitty Doodle Math book for ages 3-5; Mom's purse-size How to Homeschool; and Favorite Things to color.

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I will chose the winner on Friday, November 20, 2015. One of my children will draw a name from a basket. Thank you for entering! ** this give away has ended **

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