Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blogging Through the Alphabet - AIR

AIR - something we take for granted most of the time! My daughter, Mercie picked up a book from the library today called, "Air is All Around You".

I decided to take the topic a little further and pinned some great air experiments for all of the kids to enjoy!

The first was a demonstration of air pressure. We put two sponges into a Ziploc bag with a straw in the middle. We zipped the bag around the straw {half of it poking out of the bag}, and blew air into the bag.


The kids took turns pressing down on the sponges and watching a Ping-Pong ball roll across the floor!

The next one we did was also on air pressure. We turned the hair-dryer on and watched Ping-Pong balls "float" in the air! This one got much laughter out of the little boys!

We blew bubbles into water to show that air will always rise from the water.

We poked a hole in a potato using a straw {with our finger over the hole to compress the air}!

We took an empty "coke" can {it was really a carbonated water can} and put it sideways into a bowl of water and watched the air leave when the water filled it up.

Lastly, we poured hot water into an empty water bottle and let it sit for a minute. We poured the water out, put a balloon over the top, and watched the bottle suck in!

Then, we put the bottle into a bowl of ice water, and the bottle re-inflated while sucking the balloon in and inflating it, as well!

The kids enjoyed all of these simple experiments on air, and I even have a few more to do next week!

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  1. Those are some really cool experiments! My son would LOVE the water bottle ones!

    1. My kids enjoyed them! The water bottle experiment was very neat!

  2. What fun experiments to go along with the book! I need to add some science to my daughter's school days, and these would make a fun science day for all of us.

    1. I have to make science experiments a priority, or I won't do them! And my kids love them!