Monday, October 5, 2015

Nature Wonder

As my two youngest children were outside riding their bikes today, they both were spell-bound by a butterfly. It kept flying around them, seemingly teasing them as they tried to "catch it" and held their fingers out, hoping it would land. The butterfly landed on a flower, and my boys got very close and observed it for several long minutes, as it rolled around the flower, collecting pollen, playing. Silas was filled with wonder at this creature of God, and kept talking about it and asking questions. Truly, this is was learning is all about. The small wonders that God has given to us. 


  1. I love butterflies. We've been planing more trees with flowers and bushes to attract butterflies and bees.

    Love the picture of your boys observing the butterfly, pretty neat!

    1. I was very surprised how long the butterfly stayed put and let the boys watch! They were talking and everything, and it didn't bother it one bit!