Thursday, October 8, 2015

He Got It!

We started All About Reading, pre-reading two weeks ago. We are really enjoying it. He has learned the capital letters A-H so far, and he loves coloring his letter pictures! He wants to learn a new lesson every day, so if he can remember all the letters, I will let him. If not, we must review. He has to master something or he will forget!

He also loves the hands-on activities that help him with forming the letters. His favorite is the salt tray, so we do it almost every day. We have also used pipe-cleaners and play-dough to make letters.

Rhyming is also being taught in this curriculum. He had the hardest time with it at first. We have tried and tried, and his speech therapist in Louisiana worked with him on rhyming. He could not get it. We have done every single rhyming game and activity in this curriculum, and he finally got it! I was so excited. It always warms my heart when the kids learn something new. Knowing that I am their teacher is so rewarding. The time and effort I pour into their education, and not just their education, but their lives, pays off. I am so thankful that I am here with my children, each day, all day. I see first-hand the look in their eyes when something clicks.

And I know that it is all so worth it.

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