Monday, August 7, 2017

100 Days of Art: Day 6 - Rainbow Paint Chip Mosaics

Silas is learning about rainbows in his My Father's World curriculum this week. For our art project, I decided to use the huge bag of paint chips I have collected and have the kids make rainbow mosaics!

It was so easy (my favorite kind of art project!). I simply cut different shades of the rainbow colors into small squares. I put each color group on a sheet of white paper to make it easier for the kids to grab the color they needed.

I drew a simple rainbow outline on a sheet of white cardstock for each of the kids. They put glue on each stripe, one at a time. Then they filled in the stripes with the paint chip squares!

They turned out really nice! The kids decided to cut out an ark to put under the rainbow to remind them of Noah's ark. It was a cute touch!

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