Monday, September 14, 2015

Week in Review: September 7-11, 2015 {heart of dakota}

We had another great week last week! The kids are learning so much and having fun while doing it! And this mama is relaxed because almost all of the planning is done for me!

Bigger Hearts {unit 7}
In history:

they made wigwams

we made a chart with goods and services, and talked about the differences

we made a landforms flip-book

they drew rice and indigo plants

we defined vocabulary words, wrote sentences, and illustrated them

In science:

we drew the parts of a flower and wrote Genesis 1:11

we made "fossils" using clay and plastic animals
the kids thought this was super fun

They memorized Proverbs 6:6 this week, and we talked about the character trait industriousness. The kids write their verses each week in these index card rings that I found at the Dollar Tree.

we continued with DITHOR, and are loving it

In grammar, Eli is learning about verbs, and Mercie is learning about nouns. In math, Mercie is continuing subtraction with borrowing. Eli is multiplying and dividing fractions. Mercie has handwriting and spelling daily, and Eli just started dictation this week. They both have devotion books they do each morning, and Eli has a Bible study he also completes.

In Eli's science, he learned about the eye, the ear, and did a few experiments about nerves and brain impulses.
he put on hand in hot water and the other in cold water for 1 minute
next, he put them both in lukewarm water
the hand that was in the cold water felt warm, and the hand that was in the hot water felt cold!

he held a bag of ice in his hands for 3 minutes, and then had to zip a jacket and pick up strait pins-
neither was easy because his hands and fingers were numb!

he labeled the parts of the eye and ear

He is enjoying "God's Design for the Human Body", and we are looking forward to doing the Animal Life book next!

Little Hearts: unit 7

Silas is improving so much with writing his numbers. The hardest ones for him to write are 2, 5, and 6. He also writes his 3 backwards, but he does such a good job on it!

 He enjoyed building towers with the correct amount of blocks. He is getting better at recognizing 6-9. He recognizes 10 with no problem.
 He loves when he has pages in his thinking skills book. He enjoys these!

 In science, we talked about different kinds of grasses, and he glued pictures of each on his science notebook page.
 We also talked about pushing and pulling, and he had to decided which action we took for the pictures and glue them in the correct column.
 He made a tapestry "for the temple". I told him to make a pattern, and he took his time placing each colored square on the yellow cardstock.
He memorized Psalm 121:2 this week, and I am again so pleased with how much he is remembering.

Phonics...well...we worked on some sounds. I think we are just going to review the alphabet next week. He is not ready to learn to read yet. We did borrow some Leap Frog movies from the library, so he will watch those this week.

So, there's our week! Hope everyone else had an amazing homeschool week.


  1. I love seeing what the kiddos are doing!!!

  2. What a fun week! Those wigwams look awesome! Thanks for linking up at the HOD weekly recap!

    1. Thanks! The guide called for us to make wigwams out of clay, but we did our own thing. :-)

  3. Do you find printables outside of HOD? We'll be doing Bigger next year, and I'd love to find a comprehensive list of printables for this guide. Do you have one? ;) :D

  4. Do you find printables outside of HOD? We'll be doing Bigger next year, and I'd love to find a comprehensive list of printables for this guide. Do you have one? ;) :D

    1. I found my printables on the HOD yahoo group. I also made some of them. It does help to have them all printed out before the year begins!

  5. I love seeing what you are doing in HOD! We never finished Bigger because that was when my son was struggling with reading/writing and we took a break. This makes me want to go back and complete it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We are having so much fun with Bigger!