Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Homeschool Organization {the extras}

My husband works in the pipeline industry. His job requires us to travel several times a year. He works jobs all over the country that last anywhere from a month to a year! The average time-span we spend on one job is about five months. The kids and I travel with him, which is part of the reason we chose to start homeschooling eight years ago! We have a travel trailer, but with the kids getting older {and more in number}, we are renting a furnished home right now.

We make our permanent home in Louisiana, where most of my homeschool supplies are. {We are limited in what we can bring. It has to fit in my husbands truck and my Yukon XL.} So, I've had to purchase a lot of things this year that we normally have on hand. {And don't ask me how we are going to get it all home...I don't know!!} Anyways...

I have already organized our books for Little Hearts for His Glory and Bigger Hearts for His Glory. However, there are always tons of extra supplies when you are homeschooling! I went out today and bought most of the supplies we will need for the next several weeks, as well as the supplies Mikaela will need for her science experiments.

I bought a plastic tub to keep under my bed for art supplies and science experiment supplies.
Some of the items I have in here are: tennis balls, Ping-Pong balls, masking tape, paint and brushes, clothespins, measuring tape, stickers, flashlights, glue, craft sticks, magnifying glass, scotch tape, and tweezers. {Fellow HOD'ers probably know why most of the odd items are in here!}
I have two zipper pouches for myself. One contains extra pencils, pens, erasers, a stapler and staples.
This one contains our dry-erase markers.


 In this basket, I have a few math manipulatives. We have a ton of stuff at home, but I had to purchase these here.
I have some transportation counters and linking cubes {both Learning Resource}.
I also have some math dice, regular game dice, and 30 dinosaur counters. I picked these up at the Dollar Tree! I have ordered some fraction dice and plastic coins that will go in here also.
Mikaela is 12, in 7th grade, and she is using Christian Light for Bible, Language Arts and Social Studies. In this basket, we have her concordance, her answer keys and teachers guide for math {Key to Fractions}, language arts and Bible. I also keep my zipper pouches in here for easy access.

 She colored a horse for her notebook cover.
In her binder, she has a Language Arts reference chart, a ruler, her zipper pouch, maps she will need for Social Studies, and two notebooks. One notebook is for spelling and copywork; the other is for Social Studies.

I ordered Mikaela "Science in the Ancient World". {The CLE science was so dry and boring. Not a spot of color, not one picture. We are sending it back.}
I purchased some fabric squares today. I have a project for Mikaela: hand-sew a few beanbags for Silas and Titus's HOD games.

So...that's my organization so far! It is always fun to get ready to start homeschooling. The kids get so excited and are ready to start today! We are still waiting on Mikaela's science book. We may start next week, but my target date is August 3.


  1. Yay! Looks great! I am not ready (nor organized yet!), but it's motivating to see you get all ready for school! ♥

    1. My kids were so anxious to start! And I'll admit, I was, too! We started yesterday, so I'll be blogging about our first week soon!

  2. Thanks for the organization tips and menu list!