Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Fermentools: My First Experience with Fermenting!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I had never fermented anything until I was given the opportunity to review the Fermentools Starter Kit. The Starter Fermentation Kit contains everything you need to get started with fermenting! Here is what's included in the $21.49 kit:
  • 1 Stainless Steel Lid
  • 1 Glass Fermentation Weight
  • 1 Air Lock
  • 2 Rubber Stoppers (one with a hole, one solid)
  • 1 Rubber Canning Gasket
  • Himalayan Powdered Salt
  • Instruction Guide with Sauerkraut Recipe
I was a bit nervous because I had never fermented or canned anything in my entire life. I decided to ferment pickles because all of my kids love pickles. I found a recipe on the Fermentools website for Zucchini Garlic Pickles. We decided to make this recipe using cucumbers. My 17  year old daughter, Mikaela, did all of the work while I read the directions. 
Honestly, I found the instruction guide a bit vague - "Measure the amount of salt needed according to the package of our salt." That sounds okay, until you look at the package of salt. "Simply choose the brine solution % in the left hand column. Then choose how much you wish to make across the top. This will give you the number of grams for a given quantity." Well - I didn't know what brine solution percent I wanted. Heck, I didn't even know what a brine solution was! I did a quick Google search on my phone, and several minutes later I still didn't know exactly what I needed, but I did find a recipe for fermented pickles using 2.5 tablespoons of fermenting salt, so I went with that!

We cut up our cucumbers, layered them with the salt and garlic, and then filled the jar an inch from the top (per the instructions) with distilled water. Next we put the glass weight on top of the cucumbers, added the rubber gasket, the lid and ring (which you buy separately), the rubber stopper with a hole in it, and the airlock system. We put it in a cabinet for about three days, and then we tried our pickles. Woah - they had way too strong of a garlic taste for us! The pickles were crispy and had a good texture inside, but the garlic was overpowering. We dumped those out and I decided to try some okra. 
My husband and a few of my kids really like pickled okra, so I decided to try some fermented okra. I found some fresh okra at our Walmart. I couldn't find a recipe for it, so I just winged it. I added whole okra, 2.5 tablespoons of the salt (I decided to keep that brine solution), and some dried dill. We fermented it for three days before my husband tried it. He loved it! He said it tasted fresh, not pickled, but that it was very good and crunchy. Next time, I'll try to add some more herbs to give it more flavor. The instruction guide does say that most items taste the best at about 6 months after they are fermented, so these may have a better taste the longer they ferment.
The Fermentools Starter Kit is a great way to begin fermenting. It includes everything you need, except for a wide mouth mason jar and a ring. There are so many things you can ferment -  from fruits and vegetables to drinks. Their website has many recipes and ideas. They are even offering you 15% off your order until June 30, 2020. See what other reviewers fermented by clicking on the banner below!

Fermentools Starter Kit {Fermentools Reviews}


  1. Thank you for your review! I am working on designing a salt label that will be much easier to make conversions with. I appreciate you continuing to try when your first attempt didn't turn out how you would have liked. Fermenting is such a unique skill to have and is approached differently by each person! It's so unique and fun! You will be seeing your review on our website in the near future. Thanks again.

    - Cassie Deputie Co-Owner at

    1. That sounds really great! I think maybe you need a "salt label for dummies" - I do want to keep trying with some different foods.