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Stem Kits for Summer Learning and a GIVEAWAY!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My kids love when I have a STEM activity planned for them, but it can be hassle to plan the activity and gather all of the materials and try to execute the activity. When I was offered the chance to review the Elementary STEM Explorer Pack by Pitsco Education, I was very excited - and so were my kids!

The Elementary STEM Explorer Pack is a consumable kit that has everything you need for five STEM projects. It is for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade, but my rising 7th grade also enjoyed it! Each project comes in its own bag with an activity guide and all of the materials you need for that project - it's truly an open and go kit!

My Instagram post the day we received these!

In the Elementary kit, the activities are:
  •  Exploring Mazes
  •  Exploring Large Structures
  •  Exploring Bird Feeders
  •  Exploring Musical Instruments
  •  Exploring Parachutes
I let Silas and Titus each choose two activities while Mercie chose one. I'll talk about each project below in more detail.


Mercie chose this project. She really enjoyed it, and she even took it to her best friend's house for a sleepover! The included activity guide provided information on mazes and instructions to build a maze using cardboard, straws, and tape. A marble and a mini pom-pom were also included to use in the maze. Mercie followed the instruction guide for the first maze, and then she and her friend, Rylee, designed and created their own!

Here is what Mercie thought of the Exploring Mazes activity: 
"Making the mazes was very fun. It was easy to learn what to do. I loved watching the marble roll through the maze as I tilted it. At first I messed up because I would have blank spaces that weren't tunnels or dead ends. Then it got very fun to make them. I think the maze activity was a very fun way to learn to make things."


Titus (my 7 year old) chose to do this project. The activity guide presented information on large structures and then had him review shapes by answering riddles and creating his own riddle. He used some really big chenille stems to make several shapes. Next he went on a hunt for different types of structures in our house - supporting, sheltering, containing, directing, and transporting. This was new information for him! Finally he used the included cardboard tubes and chenille stems to create his own large structure! It was a bit challenging, but he loved it!


Silas (my 10 year old) chose this project. He had been building birdhouses using craft sticks for a few days before we received this kit, so he was excited to see this was one of the projects included! The activity guide had him researching any bird he wanted to. He chose a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. He looked in one of our bird guides for information and filled in the page. Next he learned some different ways to use the craft sticks to make a bird feeder. Finally he made his bird feeder using craft sticks! He used the design in the activity guide instead of making his own. He did a great job and hung it up in a tree in our yard!


Silas also chose this project. He read some information about parachutes and then made a simple one using a plastic shopping bag. Next he made three different levels of the parachute, each level getting more and more difficult, using the included tissue paper and string. I had to help him understand some of these instructions, but he had a great time making these parachutes and trying them out! This was his favorite project in the box!


Titus chose this project and really enjoyed it! He read about musical instruments and used the included supplies to make several different types of instruments. Then he got to design and make his own instrument! He made his a three-in-one instrument using the three types he learned about - a kazoo, a percussion shaker, and a type of drum. This one was a hit!

We loved the Elementary STEM Explorers Pack! It was so much fun for the kids to complete the projects. I really liked the fact that everything you need is included in the box - even tape! The only things we needed that weren't included were scissors, pencils, and a few random things like the plastic shopping bag and a weighted item (we used a clothespin). Each project and activity guide are packaged in their own plastic bag, which makes it super easy to grab one and go without having to dig through the box looking for the right supplies for your project.

The activity guides are very well-done! They are full-color with pictures and illustrations, lots of interesting information, well-written instructions, and plenty of graph paper in the back for your child to design on! The activity guides make it much more than just a fun activity - they bring science and math and learning into the project. 

The projects were fun and engaging! My kids enjoyed working on each of the projects. They were challenging without being too difficult. They each learned something from the projects they completed. I definitely recommend the STEM kits from Pitsco Education! They'll make a great and fun addition to your homeschool, your homeschool group, or just your summer vacation!

Pitsco Education is even offering a giveaway! They will be giving away one Elementary STEM Explorer Pack! Click HERE for details!

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